The Splendid Greek Island of Mykonos

The great Greek island of Mykonos has been touted as Greece’s answer to Tropez, due to its unique glamor. Right from its boutique Mykonos Hotels, label-laden shops, luxury villas, whitewashed villages, sandy beaches, to a very vibrant cosmopolitan part scene; there is no doubt that this breathtaking island adds a rare touch of charm to the Greek Islands.

If you have never been to Mykonos, then you need to know that you might be the only one missing out after you see the list of famous people who have been to this designer island. The list of A-class Mykonos visitors begins with Jackie Onassis, who was there in the sixties and goes on to P-Diddy in the nineties and much more after that. The world-class Mykonos Hotels don’t only offer pure comfort, but also are vintage points from where you can take in the breathtaking natural scenery of the island.

The Interesting History of Mykonos

The history of Mykonos is richly interwoven with legend and fact dating back thousands of years. This makes it a bit difficult to get an accurate beginning this historic city’s development. From an archaeological perspective, the Ionians settled in Mykonos in the early 11th century BC. However, most recent discoveries have uncovered remains from the Neolithic Kares tribe, which dates back as far as 3000B.C.

From Greek mythology, we learn that both Poseidon and Hercules had a hand in the destruction of some giants who opposed Zeus on the Mykonos Island. As the story goes, the island was named in honor of Mykonos; Apollo’s grandson. Due to its proximity to Delos, which had a dense population in the ancient times, Mykonos would become a very vital supply island. The brief 2-Kkilometer stretch between the two islands was regularly traveled. Mykonos might have become a vacation island long before the modern times since nobody was allowed to be born die on Delos.

What to See and Do in Mykonos

There is no shortage of things to do or see in Mykonos. Blessed with lovely beaches, you can always have a refreshing stroll on the beach. If you are a water lover, there are numerous water sports to be enjoyed after which you can while your time away in classy cocktail bars at Paradise and Super Paradise. If you need something serene, you can head to Elia and Ornos.

There is a collection of interesting tervanas on both beaches as well as plenty sun-loungers. The Pati Yialos offers a lively stretch of sand backed by Mykonos Hotels as well as lovely bars and restaurants. The nightlife in Mykonos Island is quite vibrant, with the Paradise and Super Paradise being the most popular night spots.

The Best Places to Eat in Mykonos

You might be interested to know that the glamorous island of Mykonos offers much more than the famous fried calamari and village salads; commonly made of cucumber, tomatoes, onions and feta. Not that you wouldn’t want love to have a bite of the two while holidaying in Greece, but you have several choices of cuisines to choose from, including the famous sushi. There is no doubt that Mykonos Hotels and restaurants are some of the best in Greece.

If you are out to have a relaxed meal with family, Mykonos is your best bet. The best Mykonos Hotels, as well as restaurants, serve all types of food, from Greek fusion food to customized vegetarian meals. For an unforgettable treat, book a special table at the famous Nobu restaurant, Matsuhisa, to have a taste of mouth-watering dishes such as black cod miso and tartar with caviar.

Mykonos is, without a doubt, one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. It is not only a favorite of many celebrities, but it has a place for kinds of people. For you to enjoy your stay in this historic Greek island, you need to book one of the affordable Mykonos Hotels early enough, to be assured of securing accommodation during your stay.